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AL-Taleaa Company
Company Overview:
Al-Taleea prides itself being an industry leader in the retail and wholesale of textile and internal home accessories, the company was established in 1994 in Nablus (Economic Capital of West Bank) by the president and CEO Mr.Nabeel Sleem, the company started with furniture textile by importing it from Spain and USA, and now we are Franchisees for two international Turkish companies (Flukser & Kacar). Today we have reached sales volumes with a yearly range of half a million meters square, through two big exhibitions in Nablus and Ramallah.
In 2006 the company started to expand in two paths, by increasing the product range to include wall paper and curtains, as well as invest in the real estates.
Al-Taleaa employs a diverse work force of about 20 team members to support its business in addition to the high modern technology used to run the company.
Al-Talea’ Company family is proud of our devotion to our project and our teamwork is what brought us to the lead.
Company Strategy
 To get the advantage of the successes investments in the real estates and start run and manage the unique malls that the company owns in strategic locations.
 Have horizontal & vertical expansion by establishing three new exhibitions and add new range of products in the next five years.
To add a touch of beauty in every Palestinian house, by concentrate our efforts to provide the latest designs, high quality of textile and internal home accessories from the international market in the Palestinian market.
Telephone: 0097292370489
Fax: 0097292377445
Mobile: 00972594190192
Email: info@altaleaa.ps
We are the market leader in providing wide range of textile and internal home accessories in the Palestinian market with affordable prices and international standers.
Main Values:
- Provide High quality, Friend of Health and Affordable products.
- Strong relations are built on trust between our partnership, customers and our employees
Company Assists and Projects:
1- Mall in unique location in the down town of Nables (Economic capital of West Bank) ; consist of 12 floors with 5220 meter square
2- Mall in unique location in Ramallah (The political capital of west bank) In the main street between Ramallah and Jerusalem and near to Ramallah down town, consist of 6 floors with 1200 meter sequare
3- Construction of commercial and residential buildings
4- The company own group of lands in vital locations in west bank.
5- Since the end of 2014 the company started working on Palestinian fashion house project to provide Palestinian designers the chance to cope up with development in the international fashion innovation and sharpen their skills and experience.

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